Safe Distancing Made Easier With Acrylic Counter Shield .

With the emergence of Covid-19, safe distancing has become the new normal and is an essential part of the SOP practiced everywhere around the world to combat the virus. Known for their novelty solutions to everyday problems, POTENSI WAJA has created the all ranges of Acrylic Counter Shield / Acrylic Sneeze Guard / Acrylic safety Barrier in response to the efforts to fight the pandemic and make social distancing easier and a lot safer. 

Our Acrylic Counter Shield / Acrylic Sneeze Guard / Acrylic safety Barrier , which offers a tough, highly transparent finish for a clear line of vision, allows businesses to remain open as staffs are protected and customers are assured. Implementing protector panel will be the new normalcy for how companies should operate.

• For Corporate office, virtual office, financial institution front desk and reception table

• For Nursery, cashier counter

• For retails stores, convenient stores, Grocery stores

• For restaurant cashier table


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